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Dailite Star Modéliste is a fashion solution provider dealing in fashion products and services. Even though it's quite newly established, Dailite Star Modéliste is shooting for the moon. The young spirit and the idealism are the fuel to steps toward its vision.


Dailite Star Modéliste designs, develops, and delivers products that are including but not limited to wardrobe and accessory, personal order and mass production. This company is upholding Indonesian native culture values and mix-match them with the latest trend in fashion resulting in a product with quality, exclusiveness and fulfilling the end-user's expectation.


To become nationally commended as a distinct fashion solution provider +




To push forward quality products +
To create avant garde innovation +
To fulfill customer's requisition in a timely manner +
To maintain professionalism values +
To be committed to its Indonesian roots +
To uphold world standard as our own +

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